OH MY GUAM, is right! In fact, we've already trotted and just woke up from our second night. To blow your mind just a tad bit more, we traveled into the future (I sh*t you not) which was pretty hard core! We crossed the international dateline, therefore I am a MRS of the future! So put that into your pipe and smoke yourself into a mind-blowing stupor! I'm sure there's queries a plenty, so I'll do my best to explain this all rather directly. My solar engineering Mr. was presented a unique career opportunity. Us crazy Liliens love a good adventure and therefore are now a (temporary) part of the Guam community. Our Micronesian stint is to last around 6 months. But seriously, these sort of occasions are meant to be seized, for they may only happen once. We plan to take full advantage of our new geographical coordinates. There are plans already in the making to voyage about all the nearby destinations of exotic foreignness.

Thank you for understanding the pause in my postings. It's been one HE!! of a year, filled with so many comings and goings. If there was a way to explain it all without causing eyeball + jaw drops - I would divulge it all and shatter the facades. But, as mother always said, a lady must always maintain a certain level of mystery. So, I'll leave it at that and revel in the reality that I made it to 2016 alive... the ultimate VICTORY!!!

The MRS will continue to reign high and mighty, with a new destination, a new look (new site coming soon!), new adventures that will be even more fabby + feisty! So be sure to follow along on all of the shenanigans + crazy gallivants.

There's so much yet to explore, experience, teach, preach, and discover. For the first time in a year I feel ready to seize the day, jump into the unknown, find my stollen happiness + dance with it like a motherfuqer!!

Happy 2016!



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